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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Double Toe Straps

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Proven!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

colors available. just ask! and i will make it happen

What Are Pedalbelts

Pedalbelts are the newest form in foot retention systems. Here’s a sleek and comfortable way to secure your foot to your ride. Handmade in Montreal, Canada, and already a bike messenger’s popular pick, they are different from others out there in that they are made from leather.

The simple design and high quality materials create a comfortable and durable product. We use premium bison leather — thick and tough. Pedalbelts are designed to fit a myriad of flat style bike pedals, and can be custom fitted to fit your favourite brands.

We designed them for you, for us, from the bike addicts to occasional randonneurs. Our product is well tested. We’re still working it on the road every day; that’s just how great it is.


How do they work?

Quite simply. Pedalbelts wrap around your foot with the tabs sliding through the slots of the pedals. They are secured by four hex bolts and loctite nuts. They are adjustable for a firm fit.

Slide your feet in and voilĂ ! Over time the leather breaks in and takes the form of your foot; getting the leather wet will further this process. The width of the strap distributes pressure evenly over the top of the foot, making riding extended periods more comfortable.

Pedalbelts can be fitted to pedals made by DMR, Evo, and most of your favourite brands. They can also be easily modified to fit Wellgo and Gusset pedals. Check with us should you have any questions. We can also supply pedals that match at low cost.

How To Order

Ordering can be done by emailing us at Pricing is $50 CAN per pair; a special price for large orders can be negociated. We use PayPal for payments and shipping to Canada and USA will take one or two weeks. International shipping can also be arranged.

In Montreal, they can be purchased at Bikurious and Belleville Cycle Coop. Check out the links for store locations.
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